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We have always created quality of life in the workplace and we believe in continuous improvement

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Human well-being and the intelligent and efficient management of human spaces is what we have been offering for years: a global service that improves the habitat and the daily life of those who work in it.

The passion for our work has led us to excel in different fields, always with service quality as the ultimate goal. Over the years, the growth of our structure has been exponential and, after just five years in business, we obtained an award from the Chamber of Commerce of Udine for the economic and employment development, followed over time by a number of other awards.

Our headquarters in Udine are a symbol of strength and transparency, two of our distinctive qualities. They represent the essence of our commitment: making facilities comfortable, functional and well organised.


The quality certification of our work is a guarantee that we want to offer our customers, given that some of the areas where we provide our services, such as healthcare facilities, public offices and production and storage facilities, require high organisational standards.

For this reason, since 2000, we have obtained a number of certifications for the different areas in which we operate, including the planning, provision and management of services and the ethical commitment to workers' rights and health and safety in the workplace.

We periodically require new certifications in order to maintain our high standard of service and guarantee maximum reliability for the customer.


The graphic idea of the three circles, inseparably united, symbolises the union between the Promos Cooperatives of Pordenone, the San Giacomo Company of Trieste and the Eurocoop of Udine, which in 2007 established the current Company Euro&Promos Fm Soc.Coop.p.a.

The circle, a simple, strong, light and primary shape, is the most suitable image for communicating the founding values and principles of our group: self-help, personal responsibility and mutual aid, equality, fairness, solidarity, honesty and transparency.

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Euro&Promos FM
Our story began in 1994, with the founding of Eurocoop by five partners already active in the sector.
In 2003, the merger between the cooperatives Promos of Pordenone and Società San Giacomo of Trieste created Promos San Giacomo and four years later Eurocoop joined the process, creating in 2007 the company Euro&Promos FM Soc. Coop.p.a.
Since that time, we have been taking care of people and their spaces, offering services that improve the habitat and quality of life in terms of health and hygiene, logistics, energy and culture.

Euro&Promos Group
The Consorzio Stabile Euro&Promos Group consists of several companies that, despite operating in specific sectors (cleaning, laundry and personal services), increasingly work with a perspective of an integrated management system, according to the Facility Management and Global Service models.

Euro&Promos Laundry
Inheriting a business with over sixty years of experience, it is responsible for the management of laundry services for Hospital Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Nursing Homes and Communities in the Triveneto area.

Euro&Promos Social Health Care
Founded in 1996, in 2016 took its current name.
It mainly deals with the management of social, health and educational services, also with activities aimed at providing employment for disadvantaged people.

Euro&Promos Germany GmbH
Founded in 2016, to contribute to the internationalization process of Euro&Promos, it mainly deals with the management of logistics services. In the next years, the Company planned to expand the range of service offerings with a perspective of an integrated management system, according to the Facility Management model of Euro&Promos.

Euro & Promos headquarters-Euro & Promos headquarters-udine-logistica


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