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The Trento WIRun: on 26 November everybody runs to support women


Our logo, too, will be on the red T-shirts for the Trento WIRun, the non-competitive fund-raising race to say no to violence against women. The approximately 5 km race takes place on Sunday 26 November 2017 through the streets of Trento’s old centre; competitors have the choice of running or walking.

The Trento WIRun is an event perfectly in keeping with Euro&Promos’s sensitivity as a long-time sponsor of similar events – this is the second time it features as a WIRun main sponsor – , a constant commitment confirmed on this occasion, too, to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, show the group’s strength and embrace sport as a way of boosting our wellbeing and self-confidence.

This year, four cities take part in the national event on November 26: Trento, Verona, Rome and Cesena. Trento is a WIRun veteran as this is its fourth race. More than 1,000 people took part in the three previous events. In these three years, over 15,000 people have been involved in 50 different localities across Italy.

In view of the 2016 race (over 600 registrations), some 800 participants are expected this year. Fifty percent of the entry fees – €12 per person – will be donated to a local association which supports women who are the victims of violence.

The other 50% of the entry fees will be used directly by Women in Run Italia  http://www.womeninrun.it/#sthash.3fN5LtcY.dpbs   to finance their projects in Italy.

Info: | | 3806850833

WiRun on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/281923958992876

Convegno delle Stelline 2017


Euro&Promos F.M. of Udine features in two events on the themes of social inclusion in Italian libraries and the new Rules for Tenders.

As in past years, the Convegno delle Stelline will be held at Corso Magenta, 61 in Milan. Italian and international library science experts are this time invited to share thoughts and discuss about the subject of “open libraries”, i.e. the new social inclusion strategies defined by libraries, which are centres of culture par excellence.

Euro&Promos F.M. is one of the leading services companies in the field of cultural assets and library heritage management and, in addition to sponsoring the event, promotes two conferences addressing highly topical issues for the world of culture.

The first is held on 16th March, 10 am to 1.30 pm, in the Sala Porta. It is the fruit of a synergy amongst a group of expert librarians from across Italy; after working for months, they made possible this gathering of different people associated with the library science world. In fact the following persons have been invited to talk about the new ideas and initiatives adopted by their libraries: Giorgio Antoniacomi (manager of the Biblioteca Comunale di Trento), Claudia Giuliani (manager of the Istituzione Biblioteca Classense) and Nicoletta Bacco and Luca Mandorlini (head of Ravenna Council decentralised libraries, and E&P librarian of the Holden-Classense Section, respectively). The conference will be presented and moderated by Antonella Agnoli.

On Friday 17, 10 am to 1.30 pm, in the Sala Chagall, Euro&Promos lawyer Lucia Trevisan, the administrative head of Euro&Promos Clients Simone Bianco and lawyer Lorenzo Gennari provide a general outline of the main points and fields of application of the new Rules for Tenders pursuant to the Legislative Decree dated 19 April 2016.

“An important occasion,” Alberto Sbuelz, head of the Cultural Division and deputy chairman of Euro&Promos F.M., explains, “to get together and discuss Italian libraries’ future developments in the light of ongoing social transformations. The company talks to its clients every year in order to find the best solutions and strategies so we are ready for change. This symposium was vigorously promoted by a well-established workgroup of expert librarians and it is a tangible demonstration of the great importance of collaboration among public administration experts and professionals from the private sector.”

Euro&Promos comes to Germany


The Udine-based multiservices colossus has opened a new branch in Munich. Bini: "The German market offers very interesting opportunities".

The international expansion of Euro&Promos group of Udine starts in the biggest European market, Germany. The group has in recent years risen to the top of the domestic market to become one of the leading Italian integrated facility management companies, with some 6000 employees and more than €100m overall revenues.

As from 1 November 2016 the Euro&Promos Germany HQ is open in Munich and has already distinguished itself by winning a contract for logistic, finishing and quality-control activities for a major Italian engineering group. The group was already a client of Euro&Promos and asked the company to extend its services to include one of its international headquarters.

“This is the first step in our commercial expansion in Germany,” says the head of Euro&Promos Germany, Massimiliano Cotti Cometti, “and it’s our first multimillion-euro international contract. The knowhow and important clients Euro&Promos has developed in Italy inevitably led us towards Europe,” he continues, “and, in view of the positive feedback, we’re sure that there will be interesting developments in the near future as we acquire new clients.”

The new German branch is the fruit of a specific business plan. “We have always been clear about our commitment to growth,” states Euro&Promos’s chairman, Sergio Bini, “and, for us, European expansion is a fundamental objective. The Germany market offers many opportunities in the fields of public tenders and private orders,” he concludes, “which is why we consider it so important, just as we view all central-European countries with great interest”.

Euro&Promos is a leading Integrated Facility Management company in Italy. It is based in Udine and has some 6,000 employees all over Italy where it deals with logistics, cleaning, energy, ecology, laundering, social services for private persons, information and relations.

Football and disabilities can go together. Euro&Promos supports ASD Palma Calcio


In addition to operating across the whole Italian market, Euro&Promos, an Udine-based facility management company with 6,000 employees in Italy, maintains strong links with its home region through its support and sponsorship of multiple local events and associations. These include ASD Palma Calcio, the football club established in 2010 in Palmanova (Udine province) to help children to play football and grow up in a healthy, character-forming environment.

A “pure” association of local people, with simply recreational objectives. In fact it is also working with Palmanova town council to organise a range of educational conferences on subjects that are as topical as they are complex, such as racism and disability. Talking of sport, ASD Palma Calcio, which began only seven years ago with a small number of children, operates today in the youth/school sector from five to 18 years and it does not have a main team.

Among the 110 child members there is Marco (not his real name). He was born in Trieste 13 years ago, he lives in Palmanova and has a motor disability since birth; at 18 months he suffered a stroke, which caused right hemiplegia (lower and upper limb). His cognitive development is normal and he practices sport with ASD Palma Calcio. This activity was strongly recommended by his doctor, according to whom it is benefiting Marco physically and psychologically, with improvements in his self-confidence thanks to his interaction with his teammates as part of a group into which Marco is fully integrated and by which he is appreciated and supported.

“We have been ASD Palma Calcio’s main sponsor since 2014. We supply the sportswear for all the children,” says Sergio Emidio Bini, chairman of Euro&Promos, “but the greatest source of satisfaction is not seeing our logo on their jerseys but knowing that a young, local association has succeeded in such an undertaking thanks not least to our support. Euro&Promos helps a club that, in turn, helps others”.

It was not easy for ASD Palma Calcio to allow Marco to play football. The Italian Football Association’s red tape made things complicated, but the objective was achieved with the authorisation to play in the non-competitive sector (up to the Italian Esordienti category).

“Euro&Promos’s support was crucial to the growth of our club; we were able to accept more children and improve the professional level of our coaches,” says ASD Palma’s chairman, architect Michela Cafazzo. “It was enormously satisfying for us to be able to offer Marco this opportunity. It’s an example of best practice,” she continues. “Let’s not forget that football is a physical contact sport. Marco’s fighting spirit and his tenacity spur us on to do more for our kids and our local area. Lastly, I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Giovanni Messina, the regional coordinator for the school youth sector, who assisted us through the bureaucratic procedure required to achieve our objective”.

Euro&Promos is one of the leading Italian companies in the Integrated Facility Management sector.  It is based in Udine and has some 6,000 employees all over Italy where it deals with logistics, cleaning, energy, ecology, laundering, social services for private persons, information and relations.

What a menu! This house is better than a HOTEL

Che menu! Questa casa è meglio di un albergo


Multiple choices at lunch and dinner to satisfy all tastes. Fresh, seasonal ingredients purchased from local traders. Fish at least four times a week. Well-balanced dishes, full of fibre and sources of vitamins and minerals. Checked weights and generous portions. And, the icing on the cake, once a week the menu includes a local speciality.

We are not talking about a restaurant in a high-end spa, but in a residential home for senior citizens: the Casa Albergo run by Fondazione Colledani Bulian in Valvasone. The home can host up to 25 self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient people and has always distinguished itself for its special focus on its guests’ wellbeing.

That special care includes meal preparation: a new menu has recently been introduced, the fruit of a project involving Euro&Promos Social Health Care, which manages since 2015 the Casa Albergo’s services, the Fondazione’s management and a dietician from the local health authority. “Not forgetting the involvement of the guests, too, because this project centres around the quality of their lives,” Euro&Promos’s chairman, Sergio Bini, explains. “In an old people’s home, mealtimes are important opportunities for giving flavour to the whole day. The medical guidelines for this category of guests are followed meticulously, but without placing less importance on flavour and the pleasure of eating”.

So, no to standard menus prepared in central kitchens from semi-processed products then packaged – as often happens in this kind of place. “Yes to fresh, seasonal ingredients, lots of fish and lots of fruit and vegetables, all bought from local traders,” says Rosanna Papaleo, a degree in Food Science & Technology and the sales manager of Euro&Promos Social Health Care, who coordinated the work on this new menu in close association with a dietician from the department for preventive medicine at the Aas5 Friuli Occidentale health authority.

"While respecting each guest’s specific needs, any medical guidelines and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, we have encouraged personal choice as much as possible by providing options for the first and second courses, side dishes and fruit at each meal. The menu is as varied as possible, we prefer local ingredients and we carefully train our staff to manage ingredient sourcing and meal preparation in the best possible way”.

The Casa Albergo’s two cooks are employed by Euro&Promos, as are the other members of staff, about fifteen persons who deal not only with the canteen but also with coordination, assistance, entertainment, hygiene, sanitisation, laundry and guests’ personal laundry. To make lunches and dinners even more special, once a week the menu includes something particularly tempting: a local speciality dish from the guests’ places of origin.

A few days after its introduction, the new menu was already a great success with the guests and with the chairman of the Fondazione Colledani Bulian, Enzo Gisonni: "Our family-style care is one of the strong points of our home, so when it comes to our menu and cuisine we focus first and foremost on our guests’ health”.